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The Art of Discipleship and Honesty

A Conversation with Yolanda Solomon

On this episode of BaddestChaplain, I speak with Yolanda Solomon about her new book, Discipleship as Holy Collaboration.

We explore the concept of discipleship, emphasizing the importance of honesty, vulnerability, and the role of the Holy Spirit in heart transformation.

The discussion highlights the redefinition of family within the context of the gospel and the invitation to participate in the story of Jesus.

Yolanda Solomon discusses the concept of discipleship as a collaborative effort within the body of Christ, emphasizing the importance of community and interconnectedness.

She highlights the practical aspects of discipleship, the role of the church in serving the marginalized, and the need for solidarity with those who are suffering.

Yolanda also shares her journey of writing the book and the moments of gratitude and awe she experienced during the process.

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